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We are providing standards certification courses for KNX technology and more..
About our Training Centre
Our experience more than 21 years
209 successfully passed exams for 5 years in L-OPHS
More than 800 students successfully trained totally by Gregory Latyshev for last 20 years
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This Course is mandatory for all who planing to work for KNX technology. This course makes You to be KNX PARTNER
This is specific course for any who planning work professionally for Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It's only for peoples who have KNX PARTNER certificate.
This course is suitable for any who want to refresh his knowledge's about technology and modern equipment
Become a professional KNX wizard
The training centre with wonder destiny that based on deep experience in training, designing, commissioning for diffrent kind of protocols (KNX, Lonworks, Modbus, CAN, DALI, DMX, 1wire etc).
Our advantages
Why we advice to choose us
  • Deep knowledge in KNX theory and practice
  • Storytelling talent
  • Deep knowledge in LON, Modbus, DALI, DMX protocols
  • Students who have studied with us consult on KNX with us free of charge
  • All trainees receive a discount on KNX equipment
Our Certificates
Our references
  • The teacher spoke in an interesting and bright way.
    Max Dorokhin
    CEO of Airtech Llc
  • I recommend it to those who want to study automation as deeply as possible.
    Renat Haider
    PM Produal Oy
  • This tutor was at the very beginning of KNX development in Russia and has much practical experience in KNX projects.

    Andrey Golovin
    "KNX Russia" Association
  • I recommend the HVAC course. Bright and deep. Excellent learning materials
    Alexander Seleznev
    Lanit Llc
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Serbia, 11000, Belgrade, Aleksandra Stamboliskog 13a

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